Freelance Software Engineering

As a full-stack software engineer, I've helped start-ups launch greenfield products in record time. I've also helped large companies build sophisticated software generating tens of millions in revenue.


We first meet to discuss your idea and see if I can help you. We use this time to define the product that best suits the business and focus on the lowest hanging fruit.

Afterward, I build the software in layers. We start with an inner core of essential functionality and make sure it does exactly what's needed and very well.

We then wrap it in other, more peripheral layers, such as visual interfaces and communication with external APIs.

We move on step by step, validating the software and adjusting requirements on the fly.

The software is thoroughly tested, and I try to design it in a way that makes it easy to modify it or extend it later on.

Featured Project

I helped XWatts build its core product. XWatts is a UK-based energy company looking to optimize the use of electricty across large institutional buildings.

I started by developing the mathematical core of the product, which calculates energy-saving actions using weather data and other inputs.

Once we were happy with the core technology, I built the customer-facing app (both the back end and the front end), which users interact with on their browsers.

Afterward, I connected the software to building management systems, so it would automatically schedule interventions for optimal energy consumption.

This highly tangible, allround product is now being trialed in one of UK's most important universities.

Tech stack

Back end

Usually Python with Django, Django REST Framework, Docker, Flask and FastAPI. I've also used Java/Spring and C++. I typically use AWS.

Front end

Usally React with Material UI. I've built interfaces with dashboards, data entry forms and floor plan navigation. I used React Native with Expo once for a mobile app.

Any projects you'd like to discuss?