Data Science, Machine Learning and Optimization

Or, in other words, I help companies use applied maths to build powerful products.

Research Experience

During my PhD, I proposed several methods to use deep learning for the automatic analysis of satellite and aerial images.

I also used optimization algorithms to improve the detection of objects in images and extract polygons from them.

You can check out my research articles on my Google Scholar profile:


Product Ranking

At OptionWay, an online French travel agency, I used machine learning to show the most relevant flights at the top of the search results. This was trained on historical data of customer interactions with the website.

Price Optimization

At Expedia, I wrote algorithms for automated pricing of package deals, used by millions of travelers every day. These algorithms, based on machine learning and optimization, generated millions in extra revenue.

Optimal Sightseeing Itineraries

I wrote an optimization algorithm to plan ideal sightseeing schedules for an innovative travel start-up (which ceased operations during the pandemic). It took into account the preferences of each individual traveler in a group, the sights' opening hours, travel times, and much more. 

Reducing Electricity Consumption

At XWatts, I wrote software that uses weather data, an elementary model of heat dissipation, and mathematical optimization to help insitutional buildings optimize their energy usage. I connected the system to smart radiator valves and built the customer-facing app, including a monitoring system with floor plan navigation.

Any projects you'd like to discuss?