I'm Emmanuel

I'm a London-based software engineer, writer, and speaker. I'm on a mission to help develop a more balanced view about the tech and AI industries, in the midst of all the hype. I'm the author of the books Smart Until It's Dumb and Siliconned.

My story

I studied software engineering in Argentina and then did a PhD at Inria, the French national IT research lab. Afterward, I worked as a data scientist and ran my software consulting company. I wrote Smart Until It's Dumb, Siliconned, and blog articles to help the public discover a not-so-flattering side of the tech industry and discuss how we can make it better. 

Smart Until It's Dumb Book Cover


Smart Until It's Dumb

Smart Until It’s Dumb cuts through the hype, revealing the deceptively simple mechanisms behind AI’s impressive results—and its spectacular blunders.



The tech industry has a tendency to go crazy. Siliconned decodes tech’s hysteria and explains why we all pay the price for it.